Craig Ganssle - FARMWAVE

CEO FARMWAVE: Innovation Concurrent Session Speaker

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In 2007, Craig and his team started by providing global wireless network infrastructures as well as creative solutions for difficult and time-consuming IT issues. Since then, the company evolved to encompass a specific vision for Google Glass that led his team to focus on the agricultural industry. Craig and his team developed intelliSCOUT®, the world's first wearable application offering farmers a truly hands-free solution, enabling agricultural problem-solving by collecting actionable insights from the field in a fraction of the time. Earlier this year, intelliSCOUT® developed into FARMWAVE when it became clear that farmers needed not only data-driven insights, but also a community to share insights, pass down knowledge, and talk about the things that mattered to them.  

Prior to starting his own venture, Craig was recruited by Verizon Wireless in 2001 where he oversaw U.S. Southeast Operations in the network engineering division and was later tasked with deploying LTE in the Southeast United States. Craig’s advanced and innovative solutions are currently in use across Verizon’s entire company footprint today. During this time Craig also studied a bachelor's degree from Muhlenberg College in Business Administration and a Computer Science degree from American InterContinental University. 

In addition to his contributions in the public sector, Craig served honorably in the United States Marine Corps as an intelligence communications operator with the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). He was later assigned as a detached “special operator” under the Department of the Navy to Naval Special Warfare Unit Teams as a “joint operator” before being honorably discharged in 2001 for medical reasons. During his six years of service, Craig was decorated with various commendations and medals for his service and valor.

 Craig is very active in mission work with his church that includes providing internet services in rural and remote locations globally. FARMWAVE is headquartered in Alpharetta, GA where Craig resides with his wife and children.

 Craig is proud to serve on Forbes Technology Council, an invitation-only community for world-class CIOs, CTOs, and technology executives. Through this and other venues, he offers business leaders the resources and insight needed to make informed decisions in network architecture design, the future of artificial intelligence, and applied machine learning and deep learning capabilities.

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