Dr. Marc van Iersel - UGA Faculty

Dooley Professor - Dept of Horticultre, UGA : BioTech Concurrent Session Speaker


Dr. Marc van Iersel was born in the Netherlands and exposed to horticulture at a young age, playing in his grandfather’s flower shop and greenhouses.  He studied horticulture in the Netherlands, where he received his MS degree in 1989.  He then came to the US and received his PhD from the University of Arkansas in 1994.  He has been with horticulture department of the University of Georgia since 1995, where he now holds the Dooley professorship. His research focuses on cost-effective supplemental lighting technologies in greenhouses and vertical farms. He does so by studying plant physiological responses to different light intensities and spectra. The goal is to develop crop-specific, cost-effective lighting protocols. In 2017, he co-founded Candidus, Inc. (www.candidus.us) to help bring these lighting strategies to the greenhouse industry. Candidus has received a $600,000 US Department of Agriculture grant to commercialize the technology. Dr. van Iersel has published 120+ scientific papers and has given invited lectures about his research around the world, including in Italy, Spain, Taiwan, Kenya, Canada, Chile, and Brazil.

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