Jeff Bradshaw

CTO ProAgrica, Subsidiary of LexisNexis Risk Solutions: Logistics/Supply Chain Concurrent Session Speaker

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A hands on CTO, drawing on extensive real world integration experience, both on-premise (A2), across entire B2B trading eco-systems, Cloud integration and internal SOA projects with fortune 500 organisations. 

Latterly focusing on Big Data and leveraging advanced data solutions based on business data flowing through the entire supply chain and surrounding eco-system.

Adaptris has grown from providing on-premise integration solutions, a range of B2B integration solutions to offering a fully fledged cloud based integration as a service offering. Recently recognised on the Gartner iPaaS magic quadrant.

Under my stewardship Adaptris has gone through a successful merger with First4Farming to form GlobalRange Group. I have also led the technical due diligence on several acquisitions for GlobalRange Group.

I have used technologies on a wide range of platforms and conquered integration challenges in the Application to Application (A2A), Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) areas. 

The architecture of the technology which I have put in place have been offered as a SaaS integration platform delivering iPaaS to many customers around the globe. The unique part of the architecture is the ability to offer a Hybrid integration platform (with a mix of on-premise and cloud based integration) in a single product.

I have a deep architectural experience working alongside large consultancy companies and software vendors in the EDI, EAI, ESB, SOA and cloud enablement space.

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