Facebook and iTunes Applications – How They Are Utilized to develop Your Business

Facebook and iTunes applications allow it to be simple to promote and also be your business. Despite the fact that Facebook and iTunes curently have ready-to-use applications, companies also can create their own applications.

There are millions of applications you may create, but you have to make certain these applications simple to use making sense. Think strategically when designing applications.

Here are a few useful ideas to consider when developing new applications:

Relevant – If users do not understand The way your application ties to your services and products, they will not make use of your application. Help make your application Highly relevant to your industry/business. Take a look at target markets and attract your audience/niche. Exactly what do they need and can they really Make use of the application?

Fast, Easy Communication – Applications market your business Rapidly on the social media level. Users are just thinking about applications that permit them to communicate/network with other people rapidly and simply.

Value-Packed Information – When designing applications for the business, make sure to think VALUE. You have to give something to users together with your applications – address problems and solutions people’s questions. People will not make use of an application that does not help or educate them.

Be Sincere – Help make your applications secure. Make sure to respect users’ privacy. Allow individuals to choose ONLY what they need to see others- this is the way you get their respect and trust. Users will not incorperate your application when they think their private contact details might be shared or used.

Well-Designed – Probably the most frustrating factor for any user is to try to make use of an application that’s poorly designed and is not simple to navigate. Applications have to load rapidly. Help make your application neat and easy to use. People will not make use of the application when they can’t “without effort” learn how to utilize it.

Whenever you create applications, you have to consider how it will likely be utilized by people and just how well will it represent your organizationOrbusiness. How can the application brand your organization and produce a social “buzz” FAST?

For instance, Timberland produced the Earthfinders Facebook application. This application enables users to pass through along virtual plants or trees to buddies. Timberland is making an ecological stand which supports their company’s “eco-friendly” branding.

The applying has attracted 50 plus,000 users-it’s unique and attracts individuals who worry about the atmosphere. This is a great illustration of how a credit card applicatoin has had off rapidly within the social media world while giving a business FAST name recognition!

Have a tip from Timberland and think creatively. Research other social networks besides Facebook and iTunes (i.e. MySpace, etc). Take a look at different applications and see which applications are popular – do people like quizzes greater than games? Would social campaigns are more effective for the company?

Listed here are a couple of ideas to help you get began.



Social Campaigns/Brand Awareness

“Poke Buddies” applications

Audio, video and music (downloads/free software application)

News/ sports and entertainment

How you can Promote Applications

Distribute press announcementsOrcontent articles announcing new applications

Blast out direct marketing/email promotions to Facebook and iTunes users. If you possess the budget, run banner advertising.

Mix promote on other social networksOrteams (besides Facebook and iTunes), blogs, and forums – target appropriate audiences.

Build upon the recognition of the previous applications – as you application grows in recognition, still increase the applications and feed off that “buzz” generated from your initial application.

Employ a Pro Developer

Allow the professionals when making your applications for Facebook and iTunes. You will find a developer by searching freelance sites for example Elance or oDesk. They are “putting in a bid” freelance sites so be cautious when hiring from all of these sites. Check credentials to make certain developers are legitimate and know what they’re doing.