How an HMI touch stream saves you time, money, and resources

Relaxing on the drive home from work, you think back to a chat you had with a friend running a business in the same industrial unit as yourself and how it has helped your own business immensely.

Your microbrewery has come on leaps and bounds since you started out alone from your garage.

Initial sales grew and gradually allowed you to buy new equipment to assist in increased production before you moved into a large plant which brews beyond your wildest dreams. It has been a huge step in a short time, but it has been helped immeasurably as you can monitor operations on a top class HMI touch screen.

  • The screen relays real time information through the Scada platform that you wisely installed which oversees your brewery and its machinery. Your human machine interface shows you with crystal clear quality what is going on around the plant from one place, allowing you to sit and deal with orders at the same time.
  • Your touch screen sends commands so that each machine knows when to do its job or when to stop. It has reduced your wastage and an awful lot of legwork, as production has improved which has increased your profit margin while lowering costs in purchasing ingredients.
  • A brewery is a warm and wet environment, but this poses no problem to your HMI touch screen while the machinery can be ordered to go faster than you could possibly manage. You head home each evening fitter than before when you operated manually all day.
  • The system is easy to understand, and you have trained your assistant how to use it, for times when you are on the road meeting with clients. Your small team loves being part of a business that can continue to deal with the demands of customers to ensure that their jobs are secure.
  • You are warned of any problem or issue that might arise, often in advance, which allows you to prevent it before it happens. The whole platform allows you to make informed decisions and realign production if an urgent order arrives.
  • The screen also feeds a mobile device so that you are in the loop as to any issues that occur while everyone is away from your brewery, but production continues.

Your HMI touch screen has helped increase production to keep up with clients’ demands, and has also saved you time, energy, and money.