Repairs & Servicing Of Devices: Here’s How Educational Institutions Can Do Better!

Today, education is not limited to blackboards. More institutions are trying digital transformation in their own ways, and investing in classroom devices, such as tablets, laptops, and mobiles, is not a choice anymore. With kids and students, the biggest challenge is keeping the classroom devices in working condition. You want students to learn, make mistakes and make the most of available technology, but that often comes for a cost. Eventually, classroom devices need servicing & repairs sooner or later. If you have tablets and laptops for students, it is wise to find a company that can offer repairs & servicing assistance on demand.

Outsourcing deployment and service of classroom devices

The process of buying, procuring, configuring and deploying classroom devices is a long one. Many educational institutions don’t have the expertise, budget, and team to handle everything in-house. Even for institutions that can afford to spend, spending on an in-house team makes no sense. When there is no choice to have an IT support team, it is wise to outsource. There are companies that handle everything that these educational institutions need. They will ensure that each tablet and laptop is configured as per requirements, so that students only access and learn what they are supposed to.

In case a product is faulty or needs repairs, all relevant servicing can be done as per contract. Many companies also have service extension, so in case of needs like part replacement, submitting claims for products that are still under warranty, or repairing software issues, they will do it all. They will also ensure that protective cases are used for laptop and device, with focus onasset tags.

Deployment in time

No matter where an educational institution is located, many services promises to do the deployment and servicing as per needs and within a given budget. Everything will be done as per schedule, and educational institutions can go for contracts lasting for 1, 2, 3, or 4 years, based on how many devices they need. Repairs with such services also cost a lot less than what will be spent otherwise on regular local shops. When you have a bunch of classroom devices, it is absolutely necessary to focus on economies of scale and outsource maintenance as a part of the cost.

Check for companies that offer classroom device deployment and further repairs, exclusively for schools and various other educational institutions. Ask for an estimate in advance.