Website Load Speed: Why It’s Important

Slow load time can kill a website. You may have a visually attractive website, engaging content, and awesome products or services; however, there’s not much they can do if your site does not load fast. This is because internet users will wait just two seconds for a site to load and click on the back button if the site loads longer than this. As a website owner, it’s important to know why you must take site load speed seriously. Here’s why:

Slow Load Speed Will Kill your Google Ranking

Google makes load speed a ranking factor when positioning websites on search results. A lower rank on search engines reduces your chances of being found by your target audience.

It Drives People Away

As already mentioned above, people will not visit a site when it does not load in up to two seconds. People who use mobile devices to access the internet are even less patient. A reputable website design agency will deploy strategies to boost your site’s loading speed. Some of the most effective approaches include compressing text and images, streamlining page content, auditing the plugins on the site, and assessing the web host.

It Negatively Affects your Bottom Line

Aside from dropping your search engine rank and annoying your customers, a slugging site will cost you traffic, leads, conversions, and sales. Some studies show that users who are not happy about the performance of a site will not visit the same website again. A slow-loading website will leave you losing possible revenue.

Now that you have understood that importance of website speed, you will want to know how to measure your site’s performance. You can test your page speed with free tools online. These tools will let you enter the URL of your site and get scores for speed, optimisation, and other factors.